Why Electric Heaters Are The Future

By Dynamic Heaters

Building your new house, or your new office it’s not an easy mission, as well as it is not easy to decide how to warm them up, especially in the UK, where the weather is mostly cold. There are many options in the market, but we want to talk about electric heaters. This kind of heating has many positive points to consider when evaluated, but we want to highlight 3 of them which will mark them as the future of the heating industry, which will dominate the market in the next 10 years.

  • Safety

Overall, we can say that electrical heaters are much safer than your standard fuel-fired water heater. Many are the reasons why this is the case; from flammable vapors to carbon monoxide problems.

Electrical heaters are a much safer option within your home. Unlike fuel-fired water heaters they completely avoid any hazards associated with using a combustion process to heat the water. By using electricity, it will completely remove this process. This will be done by reducing that potential hazard and problem that may occur with a fire- fuelled water heater.

We can also see that by having fire-fuelled water heaters present near flammable and harmful vapours is a huge safety hazard. flammable products are most commonly stored in garages basement and storage cupboards. These locations are the most common place for these types of hazards to occur. These flammable products can come under petrol, cleaning material and fluid and also paint.

If you were to measure the weight of the flammable products in comparison to air, they will be more than likely be heavier. this will result in the particles to fall to the ground due to the weight. Seeing as a water heater produces the draft effect, it has a high chance of a potential hazard. The draft effect causes the vapours to be drawn towards the water heater. The particles will be drawn to the the pilot or burner and can cause them to explode. Between the years 1986 and 1995 it was reported by The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that there was 4900 fire-related injuries and 341 deaths due to the gas-fired water heaters. However, there was only 210 injuries and 18 deaths die to electric water heaters.

  • Control

We all hear about companies constantly adding additional control panels and connectivity features within electrical products. This is to give homeowners convenience and practicality in controlling there heating. It also makes every house more efficient by consuming less electricity if you’re able to control your heating when it best suits you. We strongly advice that you take some time to do research into electrical heating. This is due to the huge cut in annual cost of your heating. Up to 30% of you yearly costs for heating can be cut by simply having a connectable heating system.Unlike electrical heaters, fire-fuelled heaters are unable to be separately controlled. Even though with a gas system you’re still able to program the majority of your home it isn’t as efficient as an electrical heater. A gas system will only operate according to your programming. This will have a massive impact on how much money you’re saving and how efficient your heating system really is.

Even Gas systems come with WI-FI controlled panels

Even with gas heating system you’re able to purchase WI-FI controlled products. It may seem a good option. However the WI-FI control panel will tend to be an additional part. A replacement of the thermostat will need to be separately purchased and installed. It is strongly advised that you get into contact with a professional to fit the device. If you’re to purchase an electrical heater these days, it is more than likely that it will come with built in WI-FI. This will come as standard. An additional thermostats or parts will not need to be installed.

  • Efficiency

Within your home you may have a gas heating system. This may seem like an ideal way of heating your home. However what’s really happening is energy is being wasted every time it’s powered up. To be able to use a single radiator you will have to turn on the whole system. Even if you can turn off other radiators, to only use one of the heaters, the whole system must be powered up to work. It’s hardly energy efficient, when you have to power up the whole system just to heat one heater. Imagine how much energy is wasted every year.On the other hand, if we look at electrical heaters, you’re able to control each individual heater and not have to waste energy. From turning on the switch to the power reaching the heater is almost instant. this will essentially mean there is no heat energy wasted from the power source to the product. What would you prefer a complicated pipework system within your property or a simple short cable in place?


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