Solar PV Installation

Dynamic Heaters also provide an end to end solar design and installation service. We can do both roof mounted and ground mount systems. Using microgeneration to support your heating and hot water bills can be a useful tool. Solar is the perfect addition to a thermal heat battery and electric heating system. Following a design survey, our team will be able to provide installation costs, generation estimates and timescales. We cover the South Coast with a design, installation and commissioning service.

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Solar PV Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly Systems

  • Design & Installation Service

  • Self-Generate Electricity For Heating & Hot Water

  • Trusted Professionals

  • Low Maintenance

Why install Solar?

  • Eco Friendly

    Reduce your homes carbon footprint and increase environmental responsibility

  • End to End Solution

    Electric heating / hot water and solar PV go hand in hand

  • Reduced Running Costs

    Self-generate electricity to use for your heating and hot water with solar PV

  • Simple To Install

    Solar PV can be installed in most scenarios and our team take care of all necessary work

  • Energy Independence

    Become energy independent with the help of solar PV

  • Low Maintenance Costs

    Solar systems are hassle free and do not require much maintenance

  • Warranty

    All of our work is covered by warranty periods alongside the manufacturers warranty

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Solar PV Installation

Can you provide an estimate of what solar PV would generate?

Yes, our surveyors can provide a full design and generation projection. Following the successful completion of the survey, we will provide a full pack containing a breakdown of the required works and the projection estimate.

How long with my solar PV system last?

Solar PV systems have a very long lifespan and with little moving parts very rarely go wrong. We estimate solar PV panels to last around 25+ years on average. Solar inverters have a lifespan of around 10-15 years.

Do I need constant sunshine to make my solar PV work?

The simple answer is, no. Solar PV panels work well in all daylight conditions. Your projections will take into account daylight hours and shadows from low sunlight.

Does my roof need to be South facing to have solar PV?

Not necessarily. Although it is preferred to have a roof that is true South, SE, or SW, this is not always imperative. Your solar PV will perform at an optimum when it is true South but a system on an East or West facing roof can still perform about 80-90% efficiency.

Do I need to maintain solar PV panels?

It is recommended to inspect and service solar panels every 2 years. In most scenarios you shouldn't need to clean your solar panels regularly although for optimum performance it is recommended to inspect and rinse them annually if necessary.

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