Thermal Storage Water Heater

Driven by mains electricity or Solar PV, the high powered heat exchanger converts cold water to mains pressure hot water for showers, baths and taps.

With no need to store hot water, the compact design is up to 4 times smaller than an equivalent water cylinder.

Thermal storage phase change material makes the water heater perfect for most scenarios.

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Inside view of thermal storage water heater
  • Phase change material

  • High powered heat exchanger

  • Simplistic user interface

  • Easy installation fixings

  • 10 Year warranty

  • No water storage

Why Thermal Storage Water Heater?

  • No Maintenance

    Maintenance free water heating solution. No servicing required.

  • Energy Efficient

    Stores up to 4 times more energy than a similar sized storage tank. A+ - C energy rated.

  • No Water Storage

    No requirement to store water means its more compact and smaller than a tank.

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Backed by a 10 years manufactures warranty you can rely on.

  • Professional Installation Service

    We offer a professional removal and installation service.

  • Control Your Water Heating

    Take control of your water heating with a timer option available.

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Do you remove my old water heater?

Yes, we take care of the removal, disposal of your old hot water system and the supply, installation of the new.

Can I use this if I have gas heating?

The thermal storage tank can be installed into most domestic scenarios regardless of your heating system.

How big is the unit?

It depends on the size required for your property, our average unit is 365mm x 575mm and 630mm in height. They are very compact and about 1/4 of the size of the equivalent water storage tank.

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      Thermal Storage Water Heater Explanation Diagram
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      Water Storage Tank Compared to Thermal Storage Heater
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      Thermal Storage Water Heater Explanation Diagram