Introducing Our German Electric Radiators

Premium German electric radiators manufactured to the highest quality standards in the heart of Germany.

Our new German electric radiators perfectly combine 50% natural convection heat and 50% radiant heat. Our German electric radiators are energy efficient and ideally suited to all heating situations.

Fitted inside the German electric radiators are Magmatic heat retention stones that provide an extra 45+ minutes of heat for every 15 minutes of electricity used so to maximise the efficiency minimise the costs.

Our German electric radiators are also the perfect alternative to German storage heaters. Their efficiency is unparalleled and you can take total control of the temperature of the room, monitoring it and altering it precisely.

Impeccably designed to get as much heat as possible from the plug socket.

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  • Manufactured in Germany

  • Designed for optimum heat output

  • 100% energy efficient

  • Cost effective to run

  • Elegant and modern looking

  • Full heating control

  • 15 years warranty

Why Our German Electric Radiators?

  • Instant Heat

    10 - 15 minutes warm up time.

  • 24-Hour Programmable Thermostat

    Easy to use, Lot20 compliant programmable thermostats.

  • Cost Effective Heating

    Reduce heating costs with a modern heating solution.

  • Elegant Looking

    Designed to look elegant and sleek in any setting.

  • Magmatic Heat Retention Stones

    12 - 15 minutes energy use for 45+ minutes of retained heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most energy efficient radiators?

Our energy efficient radiators picks are:

  1. Electric Radiators (Of Course)
  2. Dual Fuel Radiators
  3. Aluminium Radiators
  4. Double Panel Radiators

Would you like to know more? Read here Most Energy Efficient Radiators in 2021 (Official Guide).

Why do I need new electric radiators?

Yes, everyone needs the new electric radiators. New models are the most technologically advanced and more likely to last longer. Efficiency is the main reason here. Heating is known to be necessary, but expensive and energy-consuming.

The new modern electric radiators convert nearly every watt into heat, making sure there is no heat loss between the source and the output. Whereas the old gas heating systems do not guarantee complete efficiency. Plus, regardless of the low installing prices and lower maintenance required, with the electric heating technology, you can take control to make sure it is cost-effective and less energy-consuming.

How do they differ from the other German radiators?

We focus on providing the highest quality and most efficient electric radiators at an excellent value. Thanks to the technology used in our radiators you can be sure your heating is running smoothly and efficiently once we have finished installation.

What German heaters do you offer?

We offer premium quality German Electric heaters. They combine 50% natural convection heat and 50% radiant heat. Our sizes and models include:
• Vertical Electric Radiators
• Wall Mounted Electric Radiators
• Conservatory Electric Heaters
All our German Electric radiators are smart and Wifi controlled.

Do you offer German Storage Heaters?

No, we do not offer German storage heaters, however, we do offer to remove them and help you to remove your storage heater and replace it with an electric radiator. Have a look here for more information, or get in touch!

Are German Electric Heaters and German Electric Radiators the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. German electric radiators transform energy directly into heat. It is then spread evenly on the surface. The heat is then maintained for longer thanks to the Magmatic heating retention stones. This ensures daily energy efficiency.

German electric heaters, instead, blow in cold air, warm it up and then blow it out. This creates a circle of air in the room, risking having cold patches and dry air.

Do you provide your German electric radiators price list?

We do not provide a German electric radiator price list, however, we do offer free quotes! We want you to have the perfect fitting size for your room, give us a call at the
01202 985047 , or request your survey here.

What sizes do the radiators come in?

We have various sizes of radiators across 3 main ranges, Standard, Vertical & Low Level. Depending on what space you have available will depend on what range you need to select from.

Do you install the products?

Yes, our team of experts will fit the radiators and ensure that they're in full-working condition before we sign-off on the project.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located at our headquarters in Poole, Dorset. You're more than welcome to pop us a visit and explore the range of products that we offer.

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