Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Dynamic Heaters energy efficient, cost effective electric heaters have been designed to provide users with the highest level of electric heating at an affordable running cost. We use innovative convection technology along with enhanced radiant heat to provide you with a deep natural warmth and the most efficient electric radiators. Our energy efficient electric radiators adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle, using modes such as open window detection and geolocation function to improve cost and heating efficiency.

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  • Manufactured in Germany

  • Designed for optimum heat output

  • 100% energy efficient

  • Cost effective to run

  • Elegant and modern looking

  • Full heating control

  • 15 years warranty

Why Our Energy Efficient Electric Radiators?

  • Instant Heat

    With Magmatic heat retention stones, our radiators are capable of providing near-instant heat.

  • 24-Hour Programmable Thermostat

    With smart-radiator functionality; our radiators have a Thermostat programmable up to 24-Hours.

  • Cost Effective Electric Heaters

    State-of-the-art radiators designed to consume less electricity, saving on costs whilst warming your home.

  • Elegant Looking

    With different designs allowing you to fit your ideal radiator into almost any room on any wall.

  • Magmatic Heat Retention Stones

    Our Magmatic heat retention stones provide an extra 45+ minutes of heat for every 15 minutes of electricity used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer cost effective electric heaters?

Yes, our electric radiators are incredibly cost effective. Our German electric radiators operate with nearly 100% efficiency, converting all energy picked up in the heat. Gas heating instead ensures between 90% (when new) and 80% efficiency, losing gas in the pipe during the heating process. Plus, electric heaters have a longer average lifetime, low maintenance, and are more secure.

Are the convector heaters running costs more than the electric heating?

Despite the convector heaters being slightly cheaper to run in the short term, electric heating, mostly our modern German electric heating solution, provides you with nearly 100% efficiency, getting cost-effective in the long term. It uses every Watt picked up transforming it in warmth. Plus, they have less maintenance and they are more eco-friendly.

Are electric radiators cheap to run?

Cheap to run electric radiators are a reality. Or better, it can be considered possible. The energy costs per unit are higher than the gas costs per unit, so it could mathematically result in more expensive to run. However, thanks to its 100% efficiency and its magmatic stones, for every 15 minutes of energy your house is heated for 45 minutes. This makes our electric radiators cheap to run and pocket-friendly.

What are the most efficient radiators?

There are many different types of energy efficient radiators and each of them gets evaluated based on your needs. Below you can find a list of those we think are the most efficient:
- Electric Radiators
- Dual Fuel Radiators
- Aluminium Radiators
- Double Panel Radiators
If you would like to have more information, have a look at our article "Most Energy Efficient Radiators: Which One Should I Choose?".

What are the convector heaters running costs?

The convector heaters' running costs vary based on the consumption level of your heater and your current electricity costs. You can find the electricity consumption in the metal label attached to your heater, normally on the back. Once you work out the number of Watts, you need to find out how much you pay for each unit of electricity (In the UK it is around 15p/kWh). Consider that 1 unit of electricity is consumed for every 1000 Watts recorded over an hour period. So if you use your 2000kWh heater for an hour it would cost 30p for an hour to run.

How do they differ from the other German radiators?

We focus on providing the highest quality and most efficient electric radiators at an excellent value. Thanks to the technology used in our radiators you can be sure your heating is running smoothly and efficiently once we have finished installation.

What sizes do the radiators come in?

We have various sizes of radiators across 3 main ranges, Standard, Vertical & Low Level. Depending on what space you have available will depend on what range you need to select from.

Do you install the products?

Yes, our team of experts will fit the radiators and ensure that they're in full-working condition before we sign-off on the project.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located at our headquarters in Poole, Dorset. You're more than welcome to pop us a visit and explore the range of products that we offer.

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