Solar PV & Electric Heating

By Dynamic Heaters

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Solar PV is the process of converting light into electricity

Solar PV is the process of converting light into electricity. It is a renewable energy source, meaning that it is not depletable and can be replenished over time. Solar PV works by converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) panels, which are made up of semiconductors like silicon or cadmium telluride. Because solar panels absorb light instead of burning fossil fuels to produce power, they emit no greenhouse gases and require very little maintenance once installed. In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar PV systems are also cost effective: they save homeowners money on their utility bills by reducing grid independence levels meaning that customer are purchasing less and less electricity direct from the grid.

Because of this, it is one of the most popular renewable energy sources for heating and hot water because it provides a reliable, clean and cost-effective solution.

Monitoring your energy usage can help you save money and carbon emissions.

  • If your home is fitted with a smart meter, you can monitor your electricity usage using a smart app. Most apps allow you to view the history of power consumption over time and/or compare it with previous days or weeks. You can also set alarms which alert users when they’re near certain thresholds (for example, if they’re at risk of exceeding their monthly allowance).
  • Some electric providers offer customers access to an online portal where they can manage their accounts and view information about their energy usage.
  • With the Dynamic Evoke electric radiators you can track each radiators energy usage over a period of time. This can be viewed through the smartphone app or on a computer. The radiators also include smart energy saving features such as ‘open window’ mode and ‘geo-location’ function. These smart energy features are designed to save on electricity consumption and reduce heating bills.
  • By producing energy for use in your home with solar PV, you are reducing your homes carbon footprint and increasing the sustainability. Solar PV is one of the lowest carbon producing ways to create energy

Storing energy produced by Solar PV in a battery or heat battery and using it when your solar is not producing is the best way to save money.

While the sun is out, you can use the energy produced by your solar panels to power your home. If you don’t need it all, you can store excess energy in a battery or heat battery and use it later when you need it.

Batteries are great at storing unused energy because they can be used at any time of day and can be charged whilst the sun is at its highest point in the day. This is great if most of your energy usage is at night or when the sun is not shining. If you turn your electric heating, lighting or anything else on whilst your battery is full, the power will come from the battery rather than pulling from the grid.

Heat batteries are far more efficient (about 4.5 times more) at storing energy than water tanks which loose heat over time. Heat batteries, which are used for hot water, maintain their temperature for very long periods of time which means they are far more efficient and use a lot less electricity than water tanks.

The more energy you’re able to store and use at a later time, the less power you need from the grid which means big savings in the cost of your electricity bills. Solar is not only good for the environment but can also be great for saving money. If you want to find out how solar can help you save money and how much it will cost, speak with one of our advisors today.

Electric heating & hot water is a perfect match for solar photovoltaic (PV)!

Electric heating and hot water devices are an ideal match for solar PV because they use electricity generated during the day, when your panels are producing energy or have stored energy in batteries or heat batteries for use later.

Electric heating and hot water devices are very efficient in terms of their use of electricity, which means they’re great at cutting down your CO2 emissions if you have them installed at home – or anywhere else! The Dynamic German electric radiators only use 12 – 15 minutes of energy to provide 45+ minutes of continued heat output. This is due to the high quality heat retention stones inside the radiators themselves. Using energy in this way to heat your home will mean you are running a very efficient heating system. You can also do things such as upgrading windows / doors or increase insulation in a property to reducing running costs even further.

Electric heating and hot water devices are also very eco efficient, which means they use less energy than a conventional boiler to heat the same amount of space at a similar temperature. (However, at this very moment in time, when gas is lower in price that electric, you can burn a lot more units of gas to amount to the cost of the same electric usage, so you need to be careful when working out how much running costs will be) – saying that, with solar panels installed in your home or business to reduce the cost of electricity, you could massively reduce your cost per unit and in most cases, it works out more efficient to completely get rid of gas or oil! This will save money on your utility bills as well as reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Is installing solar PV worth it?

A recent article published by The Telegraph details how “solar installations will have the shortest pay off periods on record due to rising costs of energy“. This means that homeowners who install solar PV systems will see the fastest payback period and save the most money in shortest period of time, ever!

Installing solar to your property has never been more advised. We have all recently seen the rising costs of energy bills and our back pockets have been hit hard over the last 12 months, however, analysts predict this is just the start and costs will continue to rise as we enter 2023 and beyond. By installing solar PV to your property, you are mitigating the effect each price rise has on your household costs. Josh Jackman, of The Eco Experts, said: “Generating your own solar energy is the best way to reduce the effects of the cost of living crisis on your home.”


Solar PV is a great way to generate energy to heat your home, and electric heating & hot water are the perfect match for solar photovoltaic (PV) because they can utilise the energy produced and/or stored. By changing your home over to a completely electric system, you have more insight into energy usage, energy production and tracking through apps and smart meters which allows more control and insight. Overall, this technology is leading to a more advanced future for homeowners and with rising costs of energy it provides a lot more control and the ability to utilise self consumption thus reducing energy bills.


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