5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Heating System

By Dynamic Heaters

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the first and main reasons why you should choose an electric heating system. They are smart, comfortable and help you to save on your energy bill.
Choosing the right heating system is not easy and sometimes you could end up with the wrong system for you, or one that is not effective enough.

We’ll give you 5 reasons to choose an electric heating system:

5 Reasons To Choose German Electric Heaters

1. Energy Efficient electric radiators

A normal wet central heating system requires a boiler to pump water into the radiators. The water will get warmed up and then warm up the house. During the process, some of the heat gets lost. Our energy-efficient German electric heaters, instead, convert every watt into heat, warming up quickly, in about 10-15 minutes. This means they are 100% energy efficient. When the radiator turns off, the retention stones maintain the heat for up to 45 minutes, resulting in a more convenient and faster heating solution.

2. Low Maintenance

When evaluating the available opportunities for our heating system, the first element considered is normally the cost. From the energy costs, to the ongoing various costs of the functionality involving the heating system. Within the ongoing costs, maintenance is often forgotten, however, old or low-quality products can deeply affect our pockets due to the maintenance it needs. A traditional, old gas heating system, might have a lower cost per unit used, but its maintenance is often higher due to its functionality! Compared to traditional gas or oil heating, German electric heating maintenance is incredibly low, in-fact, there isn’t any at all! Plus, German manufacturing is considered the benchmark for quality, duration, and efficiency. We have so much faith in our product’s quality that our electric heaters come with a 15 year warranty.

3. Cost-Effective

Cost efficiency includes various elements:
– Energy efficiency, for ongoing costs.
– Maintenance costs, for ongoing costs.
– Installation price, for the initial investment.

Thanks to the energy efficiency of our radiators, costs can massively decrease. Electric heating maintains 100% efficiency during its product life. In comparison, central heating ensures 80% efficiency when the system is new. Although the price per unit of gas is much cheaper at present, in most cases we can achieve very similar running costs.

Our modern german electric radiators have magmatic heat retention stones inside, which provide 45 minutes or more of heat for every 15 minutes of electricity used.
This is one of the main reasons why the energy costs are incredibly low. When compared to other electric heaters such as convector heaters or oil filled radiators, our German electric radiators can be up to 40% more efficient.

Installing electric radiators into a property can also be compared to the installation of a gas central heating system. In almost every scenario, installing German electric radiators will be less intrusive, requiring less decoration and upheaval of the home. The associated costs with this can be colossal depending on what work is required. The largest cost with installing electric radiators is the radiator itself, which means most of your money is going on high quality product.

4. Wifi Controlled, Smart Electric Heating

German Electric Radiators are comfortable, and allow you to control your heating remotely.  Traditional wet heating requires high maintenance and a lot of attention. Our modern, flexible and versatile heating option is wifi controlled and allows you to change and modify the temperature room by room, even when you’re far away from home. You can command your heating with our app, WiFi connected, or using smart speakers such as Alexa or Google Home.

5. Eco Friendly

Finally, but no less important, Central Heating normally works with gas or oil and is one of the main contributors to CO2 emissions, not only in Germany (9.4% in 2018) but also in the UK (The average UK household emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 every year from heating their home). On the other hand, electric heating produces a lot less CO2 per KWH produced and a 2019 report from Drax concludes that “Britain has reached the point where it’s cleaner to use electric heating than a gas boiler”. with the Government taking strict actions to ensure the UK’s emissions meet the net zero target by the year 2050, German Electric Radiators are one of the most prudent courses of action!

We understand that you might want more information now, for example: “How do I get one? How much do they cost to install?”

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