What Are The Most Efficient Electric Radiators? Top 3 Picks.

By Dynamic Heaters

When browsing in the market to decide what heating system to go for, there are many factors to be considered, including costs like installation and maintenance, but as well, and principally, running costs and the heating system efficiency. Electric radiators are very easy to install, have basically no maintenance and are energy efficient, helping you to save on the energy bill.

However, within this subcategory, another question arises: which electric radiator should I choose?

It is important to consider the energy saving features that these radiators offer, especially the new ones. These features are the biggest help for efficiency and give you a hand to manage your house and its heating. These advanced energy saving functions could include voice control, wifi control, self-temperature measurement. Electricity has a higher price per unit, but this system helps to optimise the consumption to the point that it will be far more convenient for you.

To start: Choose the right power and size

The size and the power of your radiators are as important as their model. Their size and wattage depend on various factors, including size, quality of insulation, and location. It is important to understand what power you need and that the sum up of your radiator’s power makes up for the wattage needed to heat up the room. For example: if your room requires 3500W you will need a heater of 2500W or 2 heaters of 1200W and 1300W.
Note: If you have to choose to go higher or lower in power, always go higher. If the radiators warm up more than necessary, their advanced technology and warmth retention will be able to stop using energy when it is not needed or the temperature is reached. When, instead, the radiators are too low in power they’ll work for longer, ending with wasting energy to heat up a room more, despite their heat retention features.

On another hand, we do offer a free survey which you can take to understand what is the best wattage for you, in case you decide to choose our electric radiators. Furthermore, we also include a fitting service in the price of our radiators.

If instead, you would rather discover the wattage by yourself, there are many websites offering an electric heating calculator.

Dynamic Heaters Electric Heaters

Dynamic Heaters Electric radiators, available in different wattages and sizes, are probably the best choice available in the UK. This is because there is no model in the market that equals their sleek design, advanced technology, and modern functions.

Energy Saving Features

The DH Electric Heaters exploit their advanced technology to maximise their energy efficiency and help you to cut your costs. These radiators are designed with patented, magmatic heat retention stones completely integrated into the body of the radiator. This allows them to retain the heat for up to an hour after the set temperature has been reached.
Furthermore, their efficiency is also given thanks to the design, allowing them to emit a 50:50 split of natural convection and natural heat. This function, allows high precision when reaching the set temperature, requiring less energy for the same warmth.
These functions allow it to be 100% efficient, compared to an average of around 80% for new electric heaters.

Smart Functions

DH smart electric radiators integrate with native wifi-controlled mobile app. Amazon Alexa and Google Home can also be connected to guarantee you the most comfortable experience.
They give you the possibility to create your heating schedule and control it from your phone if you forget to turn it off or on in case you leave or arrive earlier or later than usual.
Finally, another flagship of Dynamic Heaters electric radiator is its open window detection functions. It will work efficiently and will turn off if you accidentally leave a window open.
Book a free survey to understand what radiators you need, and remember, Dynamic Heaters also offer fitting service for the best comfort.

 Rointe D Series

They are claimed to possibly be the “best heaters of the world”. Rointe D series are oil-filled radiators with a high purity aluminum body inside. With a sleek design perfect for every house, it has thermal fluid inside for a quicker heating-up time. Plus, its technology is developed to ensure low consumption, along with its numerous smart features.

Energy Saving Features

Originally developed by Rointe’s R&D department, these electric heaters use Fuzzy Logic Energy Control, a low consumption energy-saving technology that was tested by independent laboratories proving to save up to 62% energy consumption compared to other heating devices without thermostats.

Thanks to its open windows detection function you’ll have no worries of wasting energy if you forget your window open. It will detect it for you and turn the heater off automatically. It also indicates the efficiency of your heating thanks to the statistics and the Efficiency Indicator, so you’ll always be aware if your heating is working properly or not.

Smart Functions

Rointe D Series Electric Radiators excel in their smart functionalities. Thanks to their Rointe Connect App, the radiators can be controlled from anywhere in the world, but also it gives the possibility to see detailed statistics of your energy consumption and costs.
It allows you complete comfort with voice control, being able to synchronise with Alexa, but also it has installed an easy-to-use TFT screen and touch screen panel to set your temperature.

The Rointe D Series Electric Radiator is available in 2 colours and different Wattages:

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 330 Watt – White

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 330 Watt – Black

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 550 Watt – White

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 550 Watt – Black

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 770 Watt – White

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 770 Watt – Black

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 990 Watt – White

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 990 Watt – Black

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 1430 Watt – White

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 1430 Watt – Black

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 1600 Watt – White

Rointe D Series WiFi Electric Radiator – 1600 Watt – Black

Aeroflow Electric Radiators

Aeroflow Electric Radiators are high-quality radiators present a traditional design, fitting in any home or conservatory. They have their electric elements encased within nonporous fireclay heat plates, this allows the element to heat up and transfer the heat directly to the fireclay, then turning it into radiant heat, spreading it evenly on the radiator’s surface. Once it is hot, cold air is taken from the bottom and gets up through the flutes. It gets warmed up by the fireclay and then creates convection heat from the top.

Energy Efficiency Features

These radiators offer german technology dual-heating systems through both convention and radiator. They are able to continuously generate heat and conserve it within the core of the heater. Heat retention is obtained thanks to the fireclay encased within the core of the heater. Inside each fireclay, there is a coiled heating element that forms an integral part of the plate. Once the heater is switched on, it warms up quickly, and once the heat plate is warm it retains heat for over 30 minutes while transferring the heat to the metal casing and its flutes. This system allows for energy savings thanks to the heat retention, which will allow the heater to turn off once the temperature is reached.
It also has Open Window Detection, to allow you a carefree experience, and Adaptive Start. This means that it learns the characteristics of the room and switches on at the optimum time to warm up your room. Indeed, you can also choose to set it up yourself.

Smart Functions

The Aeroflow radiators have a digital electronic room thermostat built-in, along with a 7 days programming system.
The remote control is also available through both radiofrequency and their apposite app where you can control their temperature and functions. They are also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Aeroflow Electric Heaters are available in Black or White, in different shapes and wattages:

Aeroflow Electric Radiator 650W

Aeroflow Low Level Electric Radiator 1200W

Aeroflow Electric Radiator 1300W

Aeroflow Vertical Electric Radiator 1600W

Aeroflow Low Level Electric Radiator 2000W

Aeroflow Electric Radiator 2000W

Aeroflow Electric Radiator 2500W

We are a little biased, but Dynamic Heaters Electric Radiators are the best we found on the market so far. If you are still insecure, you can get a free survey with us to understand your possible expenditure and if we are the right solution for you.
We also offer to remove your old heating, whichever it is (Gas Heaters or boilers, Storage Heaters or Convector Heaters) and fitting service.

Contact us for more information. You can also visit our showroom!